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 Florida Basic Estate Planning Tips, Wills, Powers of Attorney

Summary of this article: The author, probate estate attorney, Kim Douglas Sherman, explains probate in Florida. He tells how to avoid probate, how to avoid probate disputes and family feuds. He outlines how to make a flexible will to facilitate giving items of personal property and to anticipate changes in asset values.The article also covers probate fees and the time it takes for probate cases. Mr. […]


What is Collaborative Law?

Fort Lauderdale Collaborative Law Attorney, Kim Douglas Sherman, says: “The difference is all about the attorneys.” “Yes,” you want a mature, peaceful parting.  Lucky for you, your spouse wants the same, but you have some differences on the resolutions of child rearing and child sharing, and the division of properties and debts.  You do not […]


Collaborative Law Solves Dispute Over Adult Child.

Recently, I had a couple seeking a divorce and wanting to handle their disputes using the Collaborative Law Approach.  Simply put, “Collaborative Family Law” is an effective, pre-lawsuit team effort to resolve family law issues where the attorneys and spouses agree that the lawyers will not litigate, and the lawyers and other engaged professionals (mental […]


If you are Buying Real Estate with Someone Other than your Spouse, Have a Written Partnership Agreement.

When my clients are contemplating purchasing commercial or residential real property with another person who is not their spouse, there are many important issues for them to consider.  This blog will touch on some of the most important matters to be considered BEFORE PURCHASE.  When real estate transactions involve thousands of dollars, having a lawyer […]


Attorney Sherman Teaches Civics Class.

Recently, as one of the Florida Lawyers participating in the Florida Supreme Court, Justice Teaching Program, I was invited to teach a civics class to students in fifth grade through high school.  The class was presented with a lesson called, “The Invaders.”  It is brilliantly designed to immerse the students in current issues and their […]


Beware of the ‘Standard’ Contract!

I am often asked to review contracts for the sale of residential real estate–homes, condominiums, and cooperative units.  There are many forms of contracts in use, but beware of the contracts that are called “standard contracts.”  Just because a contract is printed, from a computer or otherwise, does not mean that its terms are required […]