What is Collaborative Law?

Fort Lauderdale Collaborative Law Attorney, Kim Douglas Sherman, says: “The difference is all about the attorneys.”

“Yes,” you want a mature, peaceful parting.  Lucky for you, your spouse wants the same, but you have some differences on the resolutions of child rearing and child sharing, and the division of properties and debts.  You do not want the attorneys adding to the problems, making things more adversarial–taking aggressive positions as a way of impressing the parties with their knowledge and skill. The Collaborative Family Lawyer, Mr. Sherman points out, is pledged to an out-of-court resolution.  The Collaborative Family Lawyers sign a contract with the parties that restricts the lawyers from being the court lawyers if the collaboration should fail.  The family gets two lawyers trained to collaborate as the alternative to litigate. Collaborative lawyers, like attorney Sherman, bring into the effort other collaboratively trained professionals, like financial experts and mental health experts, to assist in a team effort to achieve satisfactory results.


Nurtured in the friendly atmosphere of Collaboration, with lawyers trained to bring about amicable resolutions, you can expect:

  • Lawyers who are very knowledgeable about family law.
  • Lawyers who are invested in providing the spouses and their family with the tools to achieve their own resolution, not a court-imposed edict.
  • Lawyers who will not encourage discord as a way to increase their fees.
  • Lawyers looking to preserve the family’s assets for the family.


Long after the lawyers are done with their part in the dissolution, the former spouses have to deal with the plan that they made and the way that they solved their issues.  It takes a smart, mature person to see the benefits that are gained by using Collaborative Family Law and its innovative, trained lawyers. The Collaborative Lawyers are the difference!  If you have questions or concerns about Collaborative Family Law in the Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida area, call Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire, at (954) 489-9500