Florida Basic Estate Planning Tips, Wills, Powers of Attorney

Summary of this article: The author, probate estate attorney, Kim Douglas Sherman, explains probate in Florida. He tells how to avoid probate, how to avoid probate disputes and family feuds. He outlines how to make a flexible will to facilitate giving items of personal property and to anticipate changes in asset values.The article also covers probate fees and the time it takes for probate cases. Mr. […]

Same Sex Marriages Require Protection of Homestead Rights

Even though a home may be titled in the sole name of one spouse, the Florida Constitution protects the interest of the spouse who is not on the title to remain living in the home.  This may be a new concept to those lawfully wedded couples of the same sex.  I was recently retained to […]

What Ever Happened to the Hand-shake Agreement?

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. Some of us remember a time when people gave their “word”, shook hands, and did what they promised to do. Unfortunately, that is not now and not here in South Florida. So, let’s talk about contracts–written contracts. They are good to have.   This is what is recommended for a […]

Accidents Happen to People Like You!

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire The insurance companies have done a very good job convincing the public that lawyers are to blame for higher insurance premiums. It is not the legal community that is the cause of crashes, falls, and professional malpractice — it is carelessness. Let us start with the practical fact that people […]

Help Yourself by Taking a Broad Family View

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esq. Article for Dads Divorce I am a dad, and I am an attorney practicing family law in Florida for over thirty years. In those years I have seen some colossal battles over children. Most of the time, when emotions are running high, one of the parents decides that the best […]

New Family Law Concept Reduces Fear of Lawyers

By Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. Collaborative law is a process that enables parties involved in family law disputes to attempt to resolve their differences in a non-adversarial manner– OUT OF COURT. Collaborative family lawyers and their clients enter into an agreement not to litigate. Efforts are focused on settling cases rather than preparing for trial. […]

Some Simple Estate Planning Tips

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. How many times have you thought, “I should make a will?” Then there is the old quip about “nothing is so certain as death and taxes.” There are some simple things that you should know and do about planning your estate. They are not expensive or hard to do, either. […]

Evidence, Understanding Its Importance to You

By Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. The simplest definition for the word “evidence” found in the law dictionary is: “All the means by which any alleged matter of fact, the truth of which is submitted to investigation is established or disproved.” As a lawyer who regularly goes to Court, evidence is my stock in trade. As you […]

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft And Fraud

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. When your personal identification information, such as your name, social security number, birth date, credit card number, and driver’s license number, have been used without your consent or permission to open credit accounts, to open bank accounts, to obtain loans, or to obtain goods or services–you are a victim of […]

Neighborly Nuisances–Part One, the Plants

By Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. A nice neighbor is a nice thing to have, but a bad neighbor is a nightmare. Sometimes it is just the little things that are annoying. The next-door neighbors are probably good people who really have no intention to annoy you…or… you wonder, “do they?” Perhaps they have a dog […]