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If you are Buying Real Estate with Someone Other than your Spouse, Have a Written Partnership Agreement.

When my clients are contemplating purchasing commercial or residential real property with another person who is not their spouse, there are many important issues for them to consider.  This blog will touch on some of the most important matters to be considered BEFORE PURCHASE.  When real estate transactions involve thousands of dollars, having a lawyer […]


Attorney Sherman Teaches Civics Class.

Recently, as one of the Florida Lawyers participating in the Florida Supreme Court, Justice Teaching Program, I was invited to teach a civics class to students in fifth grade through high school.  The class was presented with a lesson called, “The Invaders.”  It is brilliantly designed to immerse the students in current issues and their […]


Beware of the ‘Standard’ Contract!

I am often asked to review contracts for the sale of residential real estate–homes, condominiums, and cooperative units.  There are many forms of contracts in use, but beware of the contracts that are called “standard contracts.”  Just because a contract is printed, from a computer or otherwise, does not mean that its terms are required […]


It is Important to Understand and Use Evidence.

“Evidence” is all the means by which any alleged matter of fact, the truth of which is submitted to investigation, is established or disproved. Having practiced for over forty years as a Civil Law Attorney, I recommend that there are several types of evidence, which you should know about. “Oral evidence” is when someone is […]


In Divorces, Look at the Big Picture.

We need to get along. I spent a whole day in trial recently so that a mother could vent her frustration with the children’s father.  She wanted to take away the father’s overnights with the children and she wanted to be the sole decision maker for the children’s major decisions.  The Judge concluded that she […]


Where is the Will?

Recently, I was asked to serve as a personal representative [it used to be called “executor”] of a twelve million dollar estate.  The lady had died in a nursing home and had made a will that in large part was to benefit a religious organization and a good friend.  There was no doubt that she […]

What Ever Happened to the Hand-shake Agreement?

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire. Some of us remember a time when people gave their “word”, shook hands, and did what they promised to do. Unfortunately, that is not now and not here in South Florida. So, let’s talk about contracts–written contracts. They are good to have.   This is what is recommended for a […]

Accidents Happen to People Like You!

By: Kim Douglas Sherman, Esquire The insurance companies have done a very good job convincing the public that lawyers are to blame for higher insurance premiums. It is not the legal community that is the cause of crashes, falls, and professional malpractice — it is carelessness. Let us start with the practical fact that people […]